Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Welcome Note


This is a blog created specially to help the future Indian students of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu(UMT). You can get all the necessary information about UMT. All from applying for the courses in UMT, living at Kuala Terengganu(KT) and studying at UMT.

We call this blog as Pay It Forward Indians (PIFI). We,the author of the blog are the ex-students and students of UMT as well. We wanted to help the Indians students to get all the necessary information about UMT and show them that UMT can be the public university they are looking for.

For your information,the chances Indian students can get into UMT are very bright as UMT is still new and they are looking for more students. Why waste when the chance is there? Why waste the chance of entering a public university when the pathway is there? We are here just to guide you. We believe what goes around comes around. 

We have collected and analysed the STPM/Diploma results of the Indian students and came up with the recent qualifications and requirements needed for each course available in UMT. This are the qualifications (you can check it here) you should be having if you want to apply for the courses in UMT.

Please note that the facts and figures given here only could be used as reference and guidance. If you have any doubts or questions about the course,don't hesitate to call the seniors listed on the page where we have listed the seniors' contact details according to the courses.

When there is a chance for you to enter local university,why waste the chance? Do consider UMT as one of your choices of  universities when you apply after your STPM/Matriculation/Diploma. Look at the courses provided and the pointer needed for you to apply & start applying. For those who worried about the recognition or jobs later,do check out the real testimonials of UMT seniors here. There are many UMT graduates who are currently pursuing their Master's in various local universities such as UM,USM,UPM,UUM and also UMT itself. Many even found their dream jobs and lovin' it.

The environment and the courses,of course! For example,if you wanted to pursue your studies regarding marine life,this is the right place as UMT is equipped with all the facilities. UMT offers you Bachelor of Science(Marine Biology). If you are interested to do courses related to shipping and maritime,UMT is the best choice. Bachelor of Management(Maritime), Bachelor of Science(Nautical Science and Maritime Transportation) are the example of courses offered here.

Almost each course offered by UMT is emphasized to a particular field. For instance,if you choose to do Bachelors of Economics(Natural Resources) in UMT,the course is emphasized more to natural resources. If Chemistry is your choice, you would have to choose between Bachelor of Science(Chemical Sciences) and Bachelor of Science(Analytical and Environmental Chemistry) as each course has their own scope of studies.

On a special note here, we take an opportunity to thank some people who consistently have been supporting us and helping us to improve little by little since we came up with the idea and created the blog. Thank you to everyone who passed their suggestions and comments to help improve. 

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p/s: We will be updating the blog from time to time. Do drop by some comments about the blog and please help us to improve. Thanks!